Gudaker refers to a user who loves a camera app called "Gudak" from a disposable film camera, and a small effort to create a new cultural trend of this era as a manifesto of emotional activists who fly a stone to the opposite sex. I'm going to do my part as a monthly magazine to find every single emotional bully in the world and continue to do that. Every month, Gudaker will visit up-and-coming designers and artists to produce a collaboration limited edition design. They support their attitude to life and the way they look at it through the works of young people who are creating their own world.


상호명: 주식회사 스크루바

대표: 강상훈

전화: 02-6366-0341


주소: 서울시 중구 퇴계로 18(남대문로5가) 대우재단빌딩 8층

사업자 등록번호 352-87-00542

통신판매: 2018-서울중구-0534

호스팅제공자: 아임웹

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